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Role of diet in skin

Skin Cells have a strong bond with diet, and it reflects accordingly. Believe the phrase, eat natural and show naturally.

Role of stress in skin

The undesired physical,emotional and mental stress break skin cells and damages the skin appearance.

Role of GUT in skin

Gut has feelings and if it supports you, then your skin shines the best in every manner.

About Dr. Sonali Chaudhary at Holistic Skin Care

Integrative and Cosmetic Dermatologist

Dr. Sonali Chaudhary, Graduate in Medicine, India, and Post-Graduate in Dermatology, UK. She practiced Medicine with some of the well-known hospitals in India and then, moved to the UK for advanced learning and to gain global exposure. She has learned the best ways to treat skin conditions, chronic and acute along with an integrative approach at Holistic Skin Care.

During the course of her journey in dermatology, she acquainted herself with the best doctors from all around the world in skin medicine. She has professional training in Lasers and aesthetic medicine by the International Injectors and possesses many international certifications in the field related to Aesthetics Healing.

Currently, she is practicing Integrative Dermatology and Cosmetology at Holistic Skin Care with different approaches to giving patients better results in a holistic manner. Her treatments at Holistic Skin Care are based out of clinical researches and studies. Her patients seek help from her as the Best Doctor For skin treatment in current and recent treatments for complete skin and hair problems.

Dr. Sonali Chaudhary at Holistic Skin Care is passionate about beautifying people and steps towards the skin medicine for all skin and hair concerns from the inside out. Also, she has a vast knowledge of Lasers and Aesthetic medicine, a branch of medicine and philosophy to define what is beautiful. In person, Dr. Chaudhary is a keen learner and updates her knowledge with a blend of newer therapies and training from experts around the globe for her patients. She combines different treatment modalities to bring out the best results. She believes that just treating the symptoms is not the key to a permanent solution. Hence, she works with a 360-degree approach. Presently, she is working with a Holistic and an Integrative approach for the best Dermatology treatments and running the best laser hair removal in Delhi giving long term results.

Dr. Sonali Chaudhary

+91 9999681113

Our Treatments at Holistic Skin Care

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Hair Care

Cometic Dermatology

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Awards & Recognition

Excellence award in the category healthcare
"BEST INTEGRATIVE and COSMETIC DERMATOLOGIST " - Excellence award in the category healthcare and awards by Mr. Govinda (Oct, 2020)
American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M)
Key speaker at American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M), India 2020
India's most prominent women empowerment award
"BEST COSMETOLOGIST in north India" - India's most prominent women empowerment (Aug, 2019)
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What our clients says about Dr. Sonali Chaudhary at Holistic Skin Care?

Nidhi Kumar
TV Anchor
Dr Sonali is the best in her field. She gives the best suited suggestions and treatments and is not commercialised at all. She rocks. I wish her the best.
Ankita Kochar​
Fashion Influencer, Delhi
Dr. Sonali is professional and gives the most appropriate advice as per your skin and won’t suggest you unnecessary treatments . She not only helped in making my skin glow with the suggested facial but also recommended ways to take care of it. I’m happy to find such a doctor.
Isha Khanna​
Makeup Artist, Delhi
Holistic skin care is an amazing clinic. I have been visiting here regularly. I being a makeup artist need to take a lot of care of my skin and Dr. Sonali knows my skin well. I get all my facials, laser hair reduction and acne treatments from here only. i keep coming back here because of the treatments suggested and the comfortable environment. i will highly recommend you guys to visit Holistic skin care for all your hair and skin related issues.
Latieka Gill
I know Dr. Sonali for many years now. She not only has a precise hand but also has full knowledge of each treatment that she offers. I love laser hair reduction at her place as I have seen results even after one session. I would highly recommend her!
Kushagra Dua​
Actor, Delhi
Love the experience from start to finish. Front desk is very welcoming. Dr. Sonali is very warm and welcomig in her approach towards each of her clients.I feel comfortable trusting her recommendations as she is very knowledgeable and up to date on current skin care innovations.

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Fixing a holistic problem

At Holistic Skin Care, we believe different people are different. Which is why by using our state-of-the-art holistic formula, consisting of medically proven and scientifically researched ingredients, we will be able to cure your skin and hair related conditions from the inside out.
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Frequently Asked Question

Dark circles can affect all kinds of people contingent on different causes. Dark circles are for the most part followed by sacks and can make you look more established than you really are. Now and again, dark circles exacerbate the issues by going on for a really long time and making it challenging to dispose of.
You can for all time dispose of dark circles with the dark circles medicines referenced beneath at our skin centre All-encompassing Skin health management that gives moment and compelling outcomes.

Laser medicines are viable to eliminate sun spots. Comprehensive Skin health management is the best centre in Delhi for evacuation of sun spots with laser treatment. Anybody can get sunspots; however, they are more normal in individuals with light complexion and those more established than 40. Sun spots are level earthy coloured detects that foster on the skin after sun openness (during which, UV radiation causes pigmented skin cells called melanocytes to increase). They generally change in shape and measure and happen in the space of your body that have had the most sun openness like face, shoulders, lower arms, and backs of your hands.

Laser treatment is extremely viable for skin inflammation scars. Whenever the pores of your skin become impeded with extreme oil, microbes or dead skin then there are more possibilities of event of skin inflammation that prompts skin break out scars.


Twofold Jawline Fat can be decreased by Coolsculpting at All-encompassing Healthy skin. Coolsculpting is the methodology that can freeze fat off the upper arms, midsection, and thighs and has likewise been cleared by the FDA to handle an entirely different region of the body for example the twofold jawline evacuation.
Coolsculpting technique for twofold jawline evacuation involves adjusted paddles in one of four sizes to pull or draw away your skin and fat precisely like a vacuum.

Laser medicines are compelling to eliminate facial spots, dull spots, and checks and light up my face. All-encompassing Healthy skin is the best facility in Delhi for expulsion of skin break out, dim spots, and checks and light up my face with laser treatment.
Nonetheless, facial spots can be treated as there are clinical medicines accessible at the best healthy skin facility ‘Comprehensive Skin health management’ like 4D Clear Lift, Synthetic Stripping, Microdermabrasion (MDA), and may more.