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Preventing acne in the first place is the best strategy to deal with acne scars. The greatest skin care clinic, "holistic," offers medical treatments for acne scars, so they can be treated.


There are increased chances for acne to develop, which causes acne scars, whenever the pores of your skin become clogged with too much oil, germs, or dead skin.


  1. CHEMICAL PEEL: The chemical peel procedure involves removing the top layer of skin with a powerful acid. This procedure is frequently used for scars that are deeply embedded in the skin and is the best treatment for all types of acne scars.
  2. ACNE BUSTER TREATMENT: The Acne Buster Treatment uses a machine and doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or exfoliants. The natural remedy works best on young girls. The treatment can be tailored for acne-prone skin, and it works by removing excess oil and dead skin cells from the skin.
  3. MICRONEEDLING: This procedure helps to lessen the severity of acne scars. In order to cure scars, a small, handheld “pen” or roller with needles is used, and as the skin recovers, collagen is produced. The procedure is secure and effective on all skin tones.
  4. DERMABRASION: One of the most popular and efficient treatments for facial scars is dermabrasion. Healthcare professionals use a wire brush or a wheel to more thoroughly exfoliate the top layer of skin, however the general concept is the same as the microdermabrasion kits you may use at home. Best for: Scars that are near to the surface, such as rolling or shallow boxcar scars. Deeper scars, though, could also start to fade in visibility.


Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes spots and pimples, on the face, shoulders, back, neck, chest, and upper arms. At Holistic Skin Care, the best doctor for acne treatment in Delhi will use supplements, dietary modifications and strategies to treat acne from the root cause. With Integrative Dermatology, Dr. Chaudhary combines different treatment modalities to give long term results.


Diet in Acne

A customized diet is planned for every patient according to their sensitivity and health status which benefits treating acne from the inside.

Metabolic Peels

This treatment helps in getting acne out from the skin. It also helps in drying up the acne faster and speeds up the turn over of the skin.

Acne clean up

This is done to purify and cleanse the skin from the outside to improve skin damage caused by environmental pollution, dead skin etc. It includes dead skin cells exfoliation by diamond brushes, comedones extraction, ozone therapy, special serums concentrating on acne and a customised organic mask.

Zap treatment

The treatment takes less than 5minutes and dries up big/ small pimples overnight.

Dr’s secret

A special solution made by Dr. Chaudhary is injected very superficially on the acne area that clears up acne within a week and makes the skin shiny, supple and acne free.

Relax and detox drip

This IV drip helps in detoxifying and cleansing the body from within.

Frequently Asked Question

Dark circles can affect all kinds of people contingent on different causes. Dark circles are for the most part followed by sacks and can make you look more established than you really are. Now and again, dark circles exacerbate the issues by going on for a really long time and making it challenging to dispose of.
You can for all time dispose of dark circles with the dark circles medicines referenced beneath at our skin centre All-encompassing Skin health management that gives moment and compelling outcomes.

Laser medicines are viable to eliminate sun spots. Comprehensive Skin health management is the best centre in Delhi for evacuation of sun spots with laser treatment. Anybody can get sunspots; however, they are more normal in individuals with light complexion and those more established than 40. Sun spots are level earthy coloured detects that foster on the skin after sun openness (during which, UV radiation causes pigmented skin cells called melanocytes to increase). They generally change in shape and measure and happen in the space of your body that have had the most sun openness like face, shoulders, lower arms, and backs of your hands.

Laser treatment is extremely viable for skin inflammation scars. Whenever the pores of your skin become impeded with extreme oil, microbes or dead skin then there are more possibilities of event of skin inflammation that prompts skin break out scars.


Twofold Jawline Fat can be decreased by Coolsculpting at All-encompassing Healthy skin. Coolsculpting is the methodology that can freeze fat off the upper arms, midsection, and thighs and has likewise been cleared by the FDA to handle an entirely different region of the body for example the twofold jawline evacuation.
Coolsculpting technique for twofold jawline evacuation involves adjusted paddles in one of four sizes to pull or draw away your skin and fat precisely like a vacuum.

Laser medicines are compelling to eliminate facial spots, dull spots, and checks and light up my face. All-encompassing Healthy skin is the best facility in Delhi for expulsion of skin break out, dim spots, and checks and light up my face with laser treatment.
Nonetheless, facial spots can be treated as there are clinical medicines accessible at the best healthy skin facility ‘Comprehensive Skin health management’ like 4D Clear Lift, Synthetic Stripping, Microdermabrasion (MDA), and may more.