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Stretch Marks

Typically, stretch marks don’t require a diagnosis. In addition to looking at your medical history, your doctor might examine your skin. You might be given extra testing if your doctor suspects a rise in your cortisol levels.

Stretch Marks

The skin is strong and flexible, yet its supporting tissues are harmed someway in certain conditions.When skin is stretched too far or too rapidly due to the quick expansion and contraction of the skin, it can cause stretch marks. Be that as it may, these can influence individuals of almost all ages and skin types. These can frequently happen when an individual undergoes critical weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and extreme muscle building. Now, with the best treatments at Holistic skin care, flaunting the body without stretch marks is possible.



A roller with multiple small needles are rolled over the stretch marks to stimulate collagen and help the stretch marks to minimise. It requires number of sessions and combined with different treatments for faster results.

Platelet Rich plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma is a new innovative treatment in which patient’s own blood is drawn, processed to separate and extract the best growth factors present in the blood to stimulate their skin and hair to rejuvenate itself.

Resurfacing Laser Therapy

Procedure done by the laser that boosts collagen and minimises the appearance of collagen.

Enhance Beauty Drip

An ideal drip for instant glow as well as prolonged rejuvenation of skin, hair and nails.R

Stretch marks can be left alone. They are benign and frequently disappear with time. They may never totally vanish, but treatment can make them less noticeable.

The following therapies are among those that can help stretch marks look and feel better. It has not been demonstrated that any is more consistently successful than the others.

topical retinoids: Retinoids, which are derived from vitamin A and include tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova, Avita), can be applied topically to the skin to treat stretch marks that are less than a few months old. When retinol is effective, it helps to rebuild the collagen protein in the skin, which makes stretch marks more similar to healthy skin. Your skin may itch if you use retinol.

Talk to your doctor about other treatment choices if you’re pregnant or nursing because retinoid cream side effects could harm the unborn child.

laser and light therapy : There are numerous light and laser therapies that could encourage collagen formation or enhance suppleness. Which strategy is best for you can be decided with the assistance of your doctor.

Microneedling. A hand-held device with microscopic needles that promote collagen development is used in this type of treatment. This method is the chosen initial course of action for those with darker skin since it carries a lower risk of pigmentation alterations than laser therapy.

Frequently Asked Question

Dark circles can affect all kinds of people contingent on different causes. Dark circles are for the most part followed by sacks and can make you look more established than you really are. Now and again, dark circles exacerbate the issues by going on for a really long time and making it challenging to dispose of.
You can for all time dispose of dark circles with the dark circles medicines referenced beneath at our skin centre All-encompassing Skin health management that gives moment and compelling outcomes.

Laser medicines are viable to eliminate sun spots. Comprehensive Skin health management is the best centre in Delhi for evacuation of sun spots with laser treatment. Anybody can get sunspots; however, they are more normal in individuals with light complexion and those more established than 40. Sun spots are level earthy coloured detects that foster on the skin after sun openness (during which, UV radiation causes pigmented skin cells called melanocytes to increase). They generally change in shape and measure and happen in the space of your body that have had the most sun openness like face, shoulders, lower arms, and backs of your hands.

Laser treatment is extremely viable for skin inflammation scars. Whenever the pores of your skin become impeded with extreme oil, microbes or dead skin then there are more possibilities of event of skin inflammation that prompts skin break out scars.


Twofold Jawline Fat can be decreased by Coolsculpting at All-encompassing Healthy skin. Coolsculpting is the methodology that can freeze fat off the upper arms, midsection, and thighs and has likewise been cleared by the FDA to handle an entirely different region of the body for example the twofold jawline evacuation.
Coolsculpting technique for twofold jawline evacuation involves adjusted paddles in one of four sizes to pull or draw away your skin and fat precisely like a vacuum.

Laser medicines are compelling to eliminate facial spots, dull spots, and checks and light up my face. All-encompassing Healthy skin is the best facility in Delhi for expulsion of skin break out, dim spots, and checks and light up my face with laser treatment.
Nonetheless, facial spots can be treated as there are clinical medicines accessible at the best healthy skin facility ‘Comprehensive Skin health management’ like 4D Clear Lift, Synthetic Stripping, Microdermabrasion (MDA), and may more.