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Sagging Skin

Fat loss may be related to sagging skin. Sagging skin is fairly prevalent when you spend hours in the gym trying to lose fat. It might also be brought on by the dermis’s collagen and elastin degenerating or decreasing. In older adults, sagging skin is fairly prevalent. Due to various medical illnesses or other causes, you are more prone to lose a substantial amount of weight as you age. Sagging skin is nearly impossible to treat at home.

Sagging Skin

Skin starts to sag as we age because of hereditary qualities and Dietary intake along with other lifestyle changes. The area first noticed is sagging of cheeks making the naso-labial fold prominent along with droopy angle of mouth. When we are youth, the check bones are high placed and well defined while the jawline is sharp and chiselled. This is the “The triangle of youth” where the base is represented by the cheeks while the tipis the chin. As we age, due to gravity and laxity, the triangle is reversed due to the result of sagging skin. The protein, collagen depletes as we age which is remodelled and replenished by the treatments offered by Dr. Chaudhary.


Dermal Fillers

US FDA approved natural hyaluronic fillers are used to lift the sagging skin and get back the youthful appearance.

Thread Lifts

US FDA approved threads are used to lift the sagging skin that lasts a year. The result is seen at the time of procedure and gets better with time as it stimulates your body’s own collagen.

Combination Facelift

A combination of treatments is used to lift and fill certain areas to make it look more youthful. A 360 degree approach is used that fits best for the patient, looks natural and gives long lasting results.

Resurfacing Lasers

Procedure done by the laser that improves the appearance of lines, wrinkles and scars by boosting collagen.

Enhance Beauty Drip

An ideal drip for instant glow as well as prolonged rejuvenation of the skin.

Frequently Asked Question

Dark circles can affect all kinds of people contingent on different causes. Dark circles are for the most part followed by sacks and can make you look more established than you really are. Now and again, dark circles exacerbate the issues by going on for a really long time and making it challenging to dispose of.
You can for all time dispose of dark circles with the dark circles medicines referenced beneath at our skin centre All-encompassing Skin health management that gives moment and compelling outcomes.

Laser medicines are viable to eliminate sun spots. Comprehensive Skin health management is the best centre in Delhi for evacuation of sun spots with laser treatment. Anybody can get sunspots; however, they are more normal in individuals with light complexion and those more established than 40. Sun spots are level earthy coloured detects that foster on the skin after sun openness (during which, UV radiation causes pigmented skin cells called melanocytes to increase). They generally change in shape and measure and happen in the space of your body that have had the most sun openness like face, shoulders, lower arms, and backs of your hands.

Laser treatment is extremely viable for skin inflammation scars. Whenever the pores of your skin become impeded with extreme oil, microbes or dead skin then there are more possibilities of event of skin inflammation that prompts skin break out scars.


Twofold Jawline Fat can be decreased by Coolsculpting at All-encompassing Healthy skin. Coolsculpting is the methodology that can freeze fat off the upper arms, midsection, and thighs and has likewise been cleared by the FDA to handle an entirely different region of the body for example the twofold jawline evacuation.
Coolsculpting technique for twofold jawline evacuation involves adjusted paddles in one of four sizes to pull or draw away your skin and fat precisely like a vacuum.

Laser medicines are compelling to eliminate facial spots, dull spots, and checks and light up my face. All-encompassing Healthy skin is the best facility in Delhi for expulsion of skin break out, dim spots, and checks and light up my face with laser treatment.
Nonetheless, facial spots can be treated as there are clinical medicines accessible at the best healthy skin facility ‘Comprehensive Skin health management’ like 4D Clear Lift, Synthetic Stripping, Microdermabrasion (MDA), and may more.