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Skin and hair is the ever-present facade of the beauty we take care to maintain. However, there are numerous factors that have an unfavourable effect on your visage. We offer a holistic line of treatments that work on every level to ensure you have healthy and happy Hair & skin.

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A team with respect for your time

At Holistic Skin Care, it’s important for us to serve our clients well and make their lives easier by providing scientifically proven results within a tightly defined window of time. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience available 24/7 via chat so get in touch with us now!

Full of life and beautiful

Do you seek support of a team that treats both skin and hair holistically? Receive clinical care that harmonizes all aspects of your skin, body and mind.

The holistic approach to beauty

At Holistic Skin Care, it’s not just your skin or hair that you get to take care of. We focus on the whole body as well. A single treatment could involve a combination of facials, medical acupuncture, cupping, herbs and supplements. Quite simply put, we have one goal: holistic beauty.