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Thread Lift: What to Expect, Cost, Recovery, and More

A few years back, American actress Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines for endorsing a cosmetic procedure known as the thread lift. Today, the popularity of this cosmetic procedure has grown exponentially, and it has become the most common procedure for people who want to tighten up loose, sagging skin.

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What is a thread lift?

The thread lift can be described as a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for the neck, jowls, or face, in which dissolvable threads with tiny graspers or cones on them, are passed under the skin through a small needle. The cones are used for grabbing hold of the skin from the surface beneath, which are then pulled back for re-suspending the skin in a more youthful, lifted position. It is important to note that there is no deep-tissue manipulation or incisions during this cosmetic procedure.

If you want to stimulate the healing response of your body, the thread lift may be an excellent choice for you, as it prompts your body to produce collagen in treated areas.

As we know, collagen is the primary structural protein in the extracellular matrix that is present in different connective tissues of the body. It supports growth factors that have the ability to considerably impact the condition of our skin. It is because of the presence of collagen that we find our skin supple, strong, and voluminous. As we age, our body starts producing less collagen leading to reduction in skin thickness, by as much as 80 percent near the age of 70. This loss of strength and volume is the prime contributing factor in the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin.

Thread Lift stimulates collagen production and people opting for this cosmetic procedure can expect a gradual and significant improvement in their skin firmness and even tone.

Generally, the targeted areas for a thread lift procedure are jawlines, jowls, under-eye area, cheeks, brow lines, and forehead. Thread lift procedures may also be performed for tightening and lifting breasts, especially after weight loss and pregnancy.

How does a thread lift work?

The doctor would ask you to recline on a chair and the doctor’s support team would then apply alcohol and topical anesthesia to your skin. The specialist will insert barbed threads into the skin to suspend the skin in an uplifted position with the help of a needle or cannula. Insertion of threads may take 30-45 minutes. After the insertion is complete, the needle is taken out, and in the next few minutes, you will be free.

Advantages of Thread Lift

Advantages of thread lift

  • Immediate results: When you have facelift surgery, the results usually take weeks or even months before you can notice anything. With a thread lift, you can get almost instant results. You can expect to have a more youthful-looking and tighter face once the thread lift procedure is successfully completed.
  • Quick recovery: A long recovery time can be usually associated with facelift surgery. However, the recovery time is only 2-4 hours or even less.
  • Youthful, tight skin: A thread lift is unarguably, one of the best cosmetic procedures for stimulating the production of collagen in the body. Moreover, the thread actually eliminates wrinkles, pulls your face taut, and gives you a complete and smoother appearance.
  • Long-term results: A thread lift can instantly lift your skin and lead to a more youthful and plumper complexion that lasts for approximately 1-3 years.
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles: After the thread lift procedure, you can expect smoothening out of wrinkles and fine lines around the treated areas.

How to Prepare yourself for Thread lift?

It is important for you to follow an active lifestyle and stay away from blood-thinning medications. You should limit smoking and lcohol at least 2-4 weeks before the thread lift procedure if you cannot completely quit them.

In rare cases, patients may experience a bit of swelling and bruising but it usually subsides on its own or treated with medications.

At Holistic Skin Care, you will get the best treatment with minimum risk, and if there are any side effects we will take care of it.

What to expect after Thread lift treatment?

The recovery process is quick and you can expect to heal within a few hours. The success rate of a thread lift procedure is approximately 85-92 percent.

  • You may resume your normal routine immediately after a thread lift procedure.
  • The doctor may advise you against sleeping on your side for the first 1-3 weeks following the procedure.
  • You should not apply a moisturiser for the first 2-3 weeks after a thread lift.
  • The doctor may also suggest you not to engage in intense workouts and avoid saunas for a week or so after the thread lifts.

What is the Cost of Thread lift in Delhi NCR?

The estimated cost of a thread lift procedure is INR 1,00,000-3,00,000, though it may vary based on a number of factors such as the number of required threads, the areas to be treated, the expertise and qualifications of the doctor, the success rate of the clinic, etc.

At Holistic Skin Care, you will get cost-effective treatment with the latest devices and cutting-edge technology. Our teams of experienced and innovative medical professionals would help you with everything before and after the thread lift procedure, and you will have nothing to worry about.


A thread lift is a safe and affordable cosmetic procedure that is gaining a well-deserved reputation for countless reasons. It helps you gain a more youthful, refreshed appearance without going through heavily-invasive surgeries.

If you want to reclaim your youth, it is time that you reach out to Holistic Skin Care. Our teams of experienced and successful skincare specialists would be happy to answer all your questions and schedule an appointment.


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